Date Night Series- #1

Date nights!

We haven’t gone out on a date since we have been back in Houston after the wedding.  I’m off Thursday and Friday this week so we have date nights planned!

Thursday– Astros Game!  We all know that games are a lot like the theaters in the respect that you don’t want to have to eat there.  Well, HEB sponsors Price Matters Days.  In this package ($10 a person) you get a ticket, hot dog, chips, and a fountain drink!  I don’t eat hot dogs so that means The Mr. gets two of them and I get chips and a drink.   The game isn’t until 7 pm so we will eat dinner before at home and these will be our “snacks”.

Friday–  We are going to the first showing of People Like Us.  The price is only $5.25 a person verses the $8.50 a person at night.   I’m really excited about going to the movies because we literally haven’t to the movies in YEARS.  I have a tendency to fall asleep during movies, but since we are going to the early showing I think I might actually stay awake.   For breakfast that morning we are going to make pancakes  then go to the movies (with full stomachs).  Then we are going to Olive Garden for lunch and doing the 2 for $25 promotion they are currently running.  AND…The Mr. has a $25 gift card to there from his birthday!  See!  We are sticking to a budget!

That’s a weekend full of dates for about $60!


Cocktail Hour- Part 1

Cocktail Hour- Part 1

I put ‘Part 1’…I’m not positive there will be follow ups, but I’m pretty sure of it.

I want to host gatherings.  “Dinner parties”…informal ones though.  We have a ton of serveware that we received from our wedding and I love all of it!  I just can’t wait to start to entertain.

What’s one of the first parts of entertaining?  COCKTAILS!!

So, I’ve been looking up cocktail recipes and this is what I’ve found:

Currency Cocktail


2 oz. Exclusiv Berry Vodka
1 oz. Chambord
About 3 oz. Exclusiv Rose Moscato wine

Pour vodka into champagne flute. Add chambord and moscato. Stir. Garnish with raspberries, if desired.

Easy enough with just 3 ingredients and look how pretty it is!! Who knew a simple raspberry could be so elegant.

Fruit Cobbler


1 oz. PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur
1 oz. Blueberry Vodka
1 oz. lemon juice
0.5 oz. simple syrup
Club soda
Kiwi, strawberry and blueberry spear, for garnish

Combine all ingredients except club soda in a shaker. Add ice and shake vigorously. Strain into an empty highball glass. Fill glass with ice and top with soda. Garnish with fruit spear. Makes 1 drink.

Sounds great for South Texas Summers!

Watermelon Cocktail with Scented Rosemary


Watermelon chunks
Lemon juice
1/4 cup of rum

In a blender add watermelon pieces, lemon juice and 1/4 cup of rum. 
Blend all together, chill (with rosemary sprig).
Pour blended chilled drink (discard stray rosemary sprigs) in serving glasses and garnish with rosemary sprig (if desired). 

Perfect for a BBQ!  Looks like I will have to start growing rosemary!

Do y’all have any cocktail recipes that you would recommend?

DIY Sunburst Mirror

Wall decor…I never know what to do with our wall decor because I never want anything too permanent.  We live in an apartment right now, so I don’t want to purchase large/expensive pieces of decor in fear that they won’t fit with our next place.

The solution…searching on Pinterest!

I found a DIY Sunburst Mirror using supplies from Hobby Lobby.   Well, I liked the look of this one and it didn’t require me to go out and get a lot of supplies.  Score!  This was the one for me!

The base of the sunburst is actually a  Metal “Sticks” Pillar Candle Holder from Hobby Lobby!  Genius!

There were two sizes of these so you can also create a smaller sunburst mirror.  The one we got, the larger one, creates a sunburst that is about 2 feet in diameter.  I liked this size since it was going up on our wall next to the couch, I wanted it larger.

When at Hobby Lobby, you also need to go and buy some mirrors.  I took the candle holder back with me to make sure that the large, center mirror would be the best size.  I got one that was just slightly larger than the base of the candle holder so that it would be completely covered (~4″).  Then I got some small mirrors to put on the ends (~1″).  You’ll need about 32 of these if you have one on every end.  If you don’t have  a glue gun and glue sticks you will need that and also a way to hang it on the wall.  I had a metal bracket that is used to hang picture frames on hand and that’s what I used.  The candle holder was $9.99 (Got it during 50% off sale), the center mirror was $2.99 (Used 40% off coupon), and the small mirrors were $2.47 a bag, bought 2 bags (Used 40% off coupon on both of them).  Grand total: ~$9

To get started, you will need to slowly and carefully pull each one of the “sticks” on the candle holder back so that they are flat with the base.  I left mine a little higher so that they would project from the wall.  Be very careful when you are doing this because the metal will snap.  I broke one off when I was doing it.  I could have super glued it back on, but I liked that it added a little bit more variety on to the orientation of the sticks.

Once you have pulled them all back, using hot glue or super glue to glue the larger mirror into place over the base of the candle holder.

Once this is done, you can glue the smaller mirrors onto each end of the “sticks” that you have folded down.  Make sure those are set, flip it over, superglue the bracket on the back.  I let this sit over night because I didn’t want my mirror to come tumbling down once I put it up.

And viola!!  You have yourself a homemade, DIY SUNBURST MIRROR!!

I love ours and I’m pretty sure that no matter where we move in the future, that this will remain a part of our decor.

Hope you enjoyed this!  To stay tuned-in for more DIY projects follow on Facebook!

Faux Moving Day

Moving Car

This is what I feel like our car will look like today.

We are headed back home! 

I feel like we are basically moving.  We haven’t been to our place since June 4th.  We came to San Antonio a week before the wedding and then after the wedding went to Jamaica for our Honeymoon then back to San Antonio and now we are finally headed back to Houston today.  What a trip this has been!

We did all of this in one vehicle and now we are really wishing we had another one with us.  We have all the luggage from the past weeks, all the presents from the wedding, and all the wedding decor to fit into his car.  It’s definitely not going to work.  I really do feel as if we could rent a Uhaul today and make it worth it, but we are just going to take what we need for now.  The interesting part will be trying to find a place for all of this stuff once we get back home.

All of this is leading us to really considering buying a house.  A starter home.  Between the budget and the items we now have to store, a house makes more sense than renting.  Just trying to budget rent and trying to save for a house is killing the budget right now, along with the out to eat and gas station purchases, but the double dipping for “housing” is a big part too.  It would be nice to only have one payment every month towards housing!

As for now…wish us luck in the “move”!

Budgeting 101

Part of getting married is combining finances.  Wow!  This is going to be a lot more difficult than I thought.  We have been splitting bills over the last 2 years of living together and it seams to have worked out.  Well, now we have to do everything together.   And…we are trying to save for a house and…would love to go to Europe next year.  In order to do all of this we have to budget, budget, budget!

Our First Budget Cut…out to eat.  We eat out ALL the time.   Whether it is fast food or a sit down meal, it happens multiple times a week.  We are going to try and drastically reduce this one.  Not sure how we will go about this yet.  If we will set a balance or if we we will just try to keep it down to once a week.

Our Second Budget Cut…gas station food.  We are going to completely eliminate this with the exception of trips greater than 2 hours.  This will be a lot harder for The Mr. because he goes to the gas station once a day to buy a drink.  They are just so much more expensive there.

I used to use a lot of coupons back in college, but when we got jobs, I stopped doing it.  Maybe I will start that back up.

We were calculating out how much we need to save for a down payment, closing costs, repairs, appliances, and a vacation fund and we are still way over budget.  We definitely need to make cuts other places.

Y’all can help hold us to the first 2 budget cuts and if you have any suggestions for further budget cutting, I would love to hear them!

Hello world!

Hello Hello Hello!

Here I am again!

I’m Liz, the writer behind South Texas Wedding.  I had so much fun writing and “meeting” all of y’all through South Texas Wedding that I wanted to continue the fun of writing.  This time is won’t be about Weddings, but about being a new WIFEY!!  Yep…that’s ‘Wife’ with a ‘Y’!  This is what my HUSBAND (still getting used to that), calls me…his WIFEY!

Day 1 of Being a Wifey…Having Fun!

So, sit back and enjoy!  I hope to see you around!