Faux Moving Day

Moving Car

This is what I feel like our car will look like today.

We are headed back home! 

I feel like we are basically moving.  We haven’t been to our place since June 4th.  We came to San Antonio a week before the wedding and then after the wedding went to Jamaica for our Honeymoon then back to San Antonio and now we are finally headed back to Houston today.  What a trip this has been!

We did all of this in one vehicle and now we are really wishing we had another one with us.  We have all the luggage from the past weeks, all the presents from the wedding, and all the wedding decor to fit into his car.  It’s definitely not going to work.  I really do feel as if we could rent a Uhaul today and make it worth it, but we are just going to take what we need for now.  The interesting part will be trying to find a place for all of this stuff once we get back home.

All of this is leading us to really considering buying a house.  A starter home.  Between the budget and the items we now have to store, a house makes more sense than renting.  Just trying to budget rent and trying to save for a house is killing the budget right now, along with the out to eat and gas station purchases, but the double dipping for “housing” is a big part too.  It would be nice to only have one payment every month towards housing!

As for now…wish us luck in the “move”!


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