Date Night Series- #1

Date nights!

We haven’t gone out on a date since we have been back in Houston after the wedding.  I’m off Thursday and Friday this week so we have date nights planned!

Thursday– Astros Game!  We all know that games are a lot like the theaters in the respect that you don’t want to have to eat there.  Well, HEB sponsors Price Matters Days.  In this package ($10 a person) you get a ticket, hot dog, chips, and a fountain drink!  I don’t eat hot dogs so that means The Mr. gets two of them and I get chips and a drink.   The game isn’t until 7 pm so we will eat dinner before at home and these will be our “snacks”.

Friday–  We are going to the first showing of People Like Us.  The price is only $5.25 a person verses the $8.50 a person at night.   I’m really excited about going to the movies because we literally haven’t to the movies in YEARS.  I have a tendency to fall asleep during movies, but since we are going to the early showing I think I might actually stay awake.   For breakfast that morning we are going to make pancakes  then go to the movies (with full stomachs).  Then we are going to Olive Garden for lunch and doing the 2 for $25 promotion they are currently running.  AND…The Mr. has a $25 gift card to there from his birthday!  See!  We are sticking to a budget!

That’s a weekend full of dates for about $60!


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