Shopping on a Budget

I LOVE to shop!  LOVE IT!

We have an area in town called Rice Village which is right around Rice University and it has all of my favorite shops.  It also has one of my favorite restaurants so we end up going there quite often even though it’s 25 minutes away.

Well, I met a friend up for brunch this morning and we have fairly similar taste in clothes so after we ate, we went shopping.  Shopping…Ugh!  Something we just can’t afford to do right now at THOSE stores.  It’s not that they are high end, but too high for a newlywed couple who is trying to save for a house.  What stores am I talking about?  Banana Republic, Express, and White House Black Market (my favorite!).  And I walked away with NOTHING!!!  Yep!  *Pat myself on my back*  Absolutely nothing!   I was able to contain myself!  I was so happy that I came home and had an e-mail from Old Navy for 20% off with the code ONSAVE20 and shopping through Ebates, I bought 5 shirts, a pair of pants, and skirt all for $46!!!  This is less than 1 shirt at the other stores we went shopping at today!!  And…got $0.84 back via Ebates!  (If you haven’t signed up yet…please go!  If you shop online AT ALL, you should sign up!)

Living on a “budget” has definitely proven to be challenging, but not nearly as bad as I thought.  I’m finding good deals at stores that I wouldn’t have usually shopped at.  I know that I’m not going to stay away from the other stores completely, but this was the first time I had walked in to all 3 stores and walked away with nothing.  Baby steps!


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