First Game of the Season

Tonight is the first game of the season!

I can’t believe that it is already here.  It’s been crazy around here these past few weeks and now it’s game time!

Last year, The Mr. was the Tight Ends coach and he was up in the press box during games.  The only time I got to see him was for the 20 seconds that he would come out to go down the the locker room for half time.  This year, since is is the OL coach and Special Teams coordinator, he’ll be down on the field!  I’m so excited to be able to watch him and his reactions throughout the game.

I’m also excited about people coming to the games with me!  My two best friends have moved to Houston over the past 3 months so I’m hoping they will be able to join me in attending games.  My cousin also moved out so my uncle said he plans on filling his time with some games as well.   It’s going to be great to have some company with me, especially since I will be extra nervous.  Now that he is the coordinator, his job depends on performance of the team.

Well, here we go, it’s game time….wish us luck!


Suffering a Loss

Two years have gone by and it still hurts.

Two years ago today, my aunt suffered a massive brain aneurysm.  It happened while she was at work.  There was no family history and she was a healthy 51 year old woman.  This event was completely unexpected and to this day I still don’t understand it.

My aunt and uncle who had been married for 34 years when she passed had 3 sons together.  I had just started working at the hospital next door to the one they airlifted her to and I went next door after work.  I remember holding on to my cousin, the youngest son, and telling him everything was going to be alright.  I really thought it would be.  They were keeping her alive on life support in hope to have my cousin make it back home , he was serving our country in Afghanistan at the time.  We were hopeful that she would be able to come out of it.   What I told my cousin wasn’t true.  It wasn’t alright.  Two years later, it still isn’t.

It’s still is hard to grasp that she is gone.  Just 8 months before she passed, I was living with them.  They welcomed me into their home when I first moved to Houston.  And it was my home for 6 months.  I was the girl they never had. With 3 girls in our family, she was always active in our lives.  She joined in on things like shopping for my sister’s wedding dress and so forth.  Unfortunately she wasn’t there to go shopping with us when my wedding came around.

Exactly one week after she passed, I saw her in a dream.  We were in an all white room and she came up and held me and told me she was happy.  It put me at rest a little.  That same night, two other family members had similar dreams.  I feel so blessed to have been able to have that dream, I just want to have it again.  I just want to feel her presence.

I love you. 

The Football Wife

Here we are in mid-August.  What does this mean?

I lose my husband to Texas High School Football.

I’m very proud of The Mr. and after 3 years of coaching, he is now the Special Teams Coordinator and the Offensive Line Coach.

This is a HUGE accomplishment and I couldn’t be happier for him and his career.  However, for the home life, this means that I have to pick up the slack.  This was fine last year, but after being spoiled all summer long and working longer hours myself, I’m dreading it.  All the cooking, all the cleaning, all the errands, all the grocery shopping, all the laundry, all the everything (except dishes).  Ugh… We’ll see how this goes.

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