First Game of the Season

Tonight is the first game of the season!

I can’t believe that it is already here.  It’s been crazy around here these past few weeks and now it’s game time!

Last year, The Mr. was the Tight Ends coach and he was up in the press box during games.  The only time I got to see him was for the 20 seconds that he would come out to go down the the locker room for half time.  This year, since is is the OL coach and Special Teams coordinator, he’ll be down on the field!  I’m so excited to be able to watch him and his reactions throughout the game.

I’m also excited about people coming to the games with me!  My two best friends have moved to Houston over the past 3 months so I’m hoping they will be able to join me in attending games.  My cousin also moved out so my uncle said he plans on filling his time with some games as well.   It’s going to be great to have some company with me, especially since I will be extra nervous.  Now that he is the coordinator, his job depends on performance of the team.

Well, here we go, it’s game time….wish us luck!


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