Happy Marriage

I absolutely LOVE this!

The Mr. and I have opposite schedules so it is sometimes hard to spend quality time together.

As y’all know, he is a Texas High School Football Coach and I work night shift at the hospital.  We get most evenings together.  I’ll sleep a little in the morning, take care of the house, cook dinner, eat dinner with my husband and then sleep a little bit more before I go into work.  He usually lies down with me to help me fall asleep in the evening and he always tells me, “This is my favorite part of the whole day.”

Although I don’t get to see him off to work everyday, when I have to work the weekend, my days off will be Wednesday and Thursday and it’s always SO hard to see him leave.  I always want him to stay, but I know that we are blessed to have work and I must let him go.

It’s good to know that we are on the right track to a happy marriage!!



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