Self-Checkout- Good or Bad?


More and more places are offering self-checkouts.  Good or Bad?

Good if…

you have a couple of small, non-id requiring items and don’t want to wait through a long line.

Bad if…

you have a FULL grocery cart, alcohol and a membership card on a smartphone that doesn’t scan without a handheld scanner.


I’m sure y’all have all seen those people who have entirely too many items in their cart to be going through self-checkout.  Well, what if that’s the ONLY option.

Sounds awful, right?

Yesterday was the third time I had been into Kroger where that was my only option.  Self-Checkout.  Three times in 3 months.  Too much for me.  I work night shift at the hospital so I get off at 7 am.  By the time I get to our side of town and finish my grocery shopping it’s about 8:30 am.  Grant it, there aren’t a lot of shoppers at this time, but should a shopper really only be offered self-checkout?  I don’t think this is fair.  I understand the business aspect of it (saving money on employees), but they should think about the business aspect of customers like me not wanting to shop there anymore because I don’t want to self-checkout my week of groceries.

Any thoughts on self-checkout?


Changing Around Here

I started this blog after the wedding because I loved writing the blog that was all about the wedding planning process oh so much.

I enjoyed writing and I enjoyed reading all of the comments and e-mails from everyone that enjoyed reading about it all.  I started this blog with the hope that I would find just as much passion.  As you can see by the number of posts (lack thereof), I haven’t found that passion.  SO…this blog, if it lives at all, is going to be about me, myself, and I.  I plan on writing because I want to write on topics that I want to write about.  Not writing in hope of keeping people happy, but writing because I want to.

My blog will probably turn into one big vent session, but it’ll be me.  It’ll probably be good for me to vent to y’all (if there is a y’all) so that my husband has to hear less of it after his stressful days.

So…here’s to a “new” blog!

What’s For Dinner?

What’s For Dinner?

Corn Dogs!

Well, an easy homemade take on them.


Jiffy Mix

Turkey Sausage

Yep!  That’s it!  It’s literally that easy.  Max your Jiffy Mix, pour them into muffin cups, and place in cut up sausage pieces.  Bake for 18 minutes and then you’re done!

Pair with some Bush’s Honey Baked Beans and you’ve got a meal!

Mickey Halloween Giveaway (Ends 10/22)

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