Self-Checkout- Good or Bad?


More and more places are offering self-checkouts.  Good or Bad?

Good if…

you have a couple of small, non-id requiring items and don’t want to wait through a long line.

Bad if…

you have a FULL grocery cart, alcohol and a membership card on a smartphone that doesn’t scan without a handheld scanner.


I’m sure y’all have all seen those people who have entirely too many items in their cart to be going through self-checkout.  Well, what if that’s the ONLY option.

Sounds awful, right?

Yesterday was the third time I had been into Kroger where that was my only option.  Self-Checkout.  Three times in 3 months.  Too much for me.  I work night shift at the hospital so I get off at 7 am.  By the time I get to our side of town and finish my grocery shopping it’s about 8:30 am.  Grant it, there aren’t a lot of shoppers at this time, but should a shopper really only be offered self-checkout?  I don’t think this is fair.  I understand the business aspect of it (saving money on employees), but they should think about the business aspect of customers like me not wanting to shop there anymore because I don’t want to self-checkout my week of groceries.

Any thoughts on self-checkout?


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