Weekend Back Home

Hi y’all! Hope you have been enjoying your November so far! It’s been pretty busy over here.

On Thursday, our air conditioner went out. Even though I was planning on leaving to go home on Thursday, I had to wait for maintenance to show up and fix it so that the hubby wouldn’t have to sleep in the heat.  Meanwhile, it was almost 90 degrees in our apartment!  I literally had our one portable fan blasting right on me.   Yep…the picture below…that was me!

Needless to say, I didn’t make it home until Friday.  When I got there, my parents and I tried out a restaurant that we’ve been wanting to try for a while, CBQ Eatery.  Thoughts?  Good and bad.  They had good service and large portions.  The food was good, just overwhelming.  Super greasy.  They had these Blue Cheese BBQ Chips (CBQ BBQ chips, chopped ‘Q chives, blue cheese crumbles, blue cheese sauce) for $7.99.  These were great!  Really strong and definitely a meal in itself.  But…I wouldn’t recommend someone order it as a meal, but as an appetizer for 8 or more people to split.  Although the flavor is good, there is truth behind the saying “Toomuch of a good thing, is a bad thing”.  It definitely got overwhelming and couldn’t eat much of them.

Then Saturday came! Wedding day of a dear high school friend. You can read all about this Boulder Springs Wedding.

Sunday…Christmas shopping.  We did all the Christmas shopping for all of my nieces and nephews.  ALL of it.  My parents are going to see both of my sisters over Christmas break so they will be able to deliver the gifts to the kids.  This is going to save us big time because we won’t have to pay for shipping this year.  With 3 nieces, a nephew, and a nephew that will be born before Christmas…that adds up, quick.

Child Schwinn Sweet Pea Helmet- Target.com

Then Monday came.  It’s always bittersweet to leave home when the hubby isn’t with me.  It’s REALLY hard to leave when he makes the trip with me because I do NOT want to go back to Houston.  It’s always sad to leave my parents but then I get excited that I get to go back to my husband.  Definitely bittersweet.

Well, that was my weekend and now it’s almost the next weekend.  We’ll be staying in town this weekend and on Friday we have our last regular season football game- *Fingers crossed we make it into playoffs*.


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