Beef ‘O’ Brady’s

We bought a Living Social deal for Beef ‘O’ Brady’s back in October and finally got to go out and use it.

The deal was $15 for:

Two with One Appetizer,
Two Entrées, and Two
Desserts at Beef ‘O’ Brady’s


It was well worth it! The prices are similar to Chili’s prices but it has a much more causal/sports bar feel. I actually liked the environment more than Chili’s. We went when the Independence Bowl game was on and it was a great atmosphere.

For the appetizer, we got the “Land, Sea, and Air”. This appetizer had 3 fresh Angus cheeseburger sliders, 8 tail-on fried shrimp, bite-sized, all-white meat chicken dippers, fries and served with 2 dipping sauces.  HUGE!

On to the Entrees… The Mr. got the OMG Burger (12-oz. of fresh Angus cooked to perfection, topped with 4 slices of bacon, 4 slices of American cheese, lettuce and tomato.) Yes!  For my entree I got the Fried Shrimp (10 tail-on shrimp fried to a delicious crunch, served with fries, creamy coleslaw, cocktail sauce and fresh lemon.)


Then came desserts. The Mr. got the Molten Cake and I got the Peanut Butter Chocolate Explosion. Needless to say we had a lot of leftovers.

Our waitress was really accommodating.  After all of our food there was no way we could eat both desserts.  We asked if we could just pack one of our desserts to go and that wasn’t a problem at all.  She brought us out two to-go boxes for the rest of our food and then a bag so that we could easily carry it all out.   She was also really good with our refills.  The food was pretty salty (at least the food we ordered- fried and fried) and The Mr. drinks lots of water when he eats salty food.  As soon as his glass was done, it was refilled.   We didn’t have sodas, but they had a insert with all the soda options…100+ variations!  Great food and Great Service!

This was such a good deal and a deal that caught us. We will definitely be going back for more (with or without a coupon)!

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