Reheat Restaurant Leftovers

Most of the time when we go out to eat we end up with at least one box of leftovers. Most restaurants give you large portions of food, too large for one sitting. Usually, based on the price, I would expect the portion size given though. Regardless, we end up taking a lot of food home. Sometimes we eat it, sometimes we don’t.

Why don’t we eat it all the time? Various reasons…We go out to another restaurant, we go out for lunch and make dinner, the fries get soggy, etc.

Well, I think we finally have the solution to the soggy fries!! We went to Beef ‘O’ Brady’s yesterday and had a TON of leftovers. I’ve tried the method of reheating them in the microwave and after having been in the fridge, they are still soggy. Well, for my friend shrimp and and french fries I put it on a cookie sheet with aluminum foil and TA-DA…the fries weren’t that soggy.


Were they as good as at the restaurant when they were fresh? No.

Were they a million times better than the microwave (AKA edible)? YES!

The friend shrimp turned out great too. Almost as good as the restaurant.

So, the next time you question whether or not you should get a box to go, just do it and try out this method!


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